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Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

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Mistress Gaia did not want this guy to create a negative environment around her business. He was negative and she did not want him to influence other employees to be pessimistic like him. So she humiliated him cruelly using her shit fetish. She turned him into a human toilet and he ate her shit. He learned never to be negative around her business premises. He could do it at his home if he wanted.

Mistress Victoria gave this guy some work to do but he did not tell her he did not know how to do it. He just accepted because she had told him she would pay him. But he did not know how to do it and he ended up messing up. She was so pissed at him that she punished him by shitting on him. He had to eat her shit to learn his lesson.

Mistress Adelina Frau wanted to tease this guy and have fun at his expense. She has an ass to die for and she is curvy. She did not plan anything bad but from the way he acted, she got pissed and she took a shit on his face. Mistress Adelina Frau made him eat it and she chased him away from her house when he was done eating her poop.

Goddess Kumora wanted to punish this loser without doing anything to him. So she called him and she asked him to follow her to the toilet. He did and she asked him to take a video of her shit. She wanted him to record how she took a dump and she wanted him to watch all of it. She laughed at how disgusted he was. He had to see her asshole and her shit as well as endure the smell.

Mistress Anna kicked her slave for being a nuisance. She called her friend Nia as she had always wanted to see and experience slave humiliation. She let her friend have a go at her slave and the mistresses even tried shit fetish on him. He was prepared to handle pain but he ended up being made to eat shit, something he was not prepared to do but could do nothing about.

Mistress Angelica likes things other people abhor. She loves shit. She loves to play with it and to humiliate others with it. While for others it is taboo, for her it is fun. She used her seductive prowess to make this guy look forward to being shit on. She loves to challenge herself to make guys eat her shit willingly and not through coercion like other mistresses do. She got this guy to eat her shit and have fun in the process.

Mistress Gaia is a cruel person. She loves to degrade and to torture people for the slightest of reasons. She accused this guy of looking at her in a weird way and for that, she humiliated him. She got him to eat her ass and made him jerk off as he admired her sexy ass. He had to eat shit and jerk off at the same time as she watched.

Mistress Gaia was tired of asking her slave to change. She had to make him change once and for all. She did it through facesitting on him. She choked him as she did and then she took a shit on his face. She made sure he ate her shit and drank her pee before she let him go. She did not have to ask him again as he did what he was supposed to by himself.

Mistress Anna loves t use her shit to punish losers. She loves it because it is an effective method. There is no one who can get used to it and that is why she loves it. But she does not do it frequently. Today was one of those days she felt like doing it so she did it and she did it as cruelly as possible and made her slave lick her ass as well.

Goddess Martina is a sadistic mistress. She loves torturing and degrading other people. She does not care whether she is extreme or not. If she feels like doing something to a slave, she will make sure she does it. Today she forced this loser to eat her shit and the sad bit for him was that he had not done anything to her to deserve being made to eat her shit.

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