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Mistress Annalise did not want an aggressive slave because aggression would lead to liabilities for her. There are those who preferred the aggressive type but not her. So she had to make it all change. That is why she used her shit to make him drop the aggression. She had him lick her asshole clean when he was done doing so and it worked as he became less aggressive the way she wanted.

Mistress Alina loves to teach guys cruel lessons. If she is not going to do something extreme to someone, she will not do it. This guy pissed her off and as punishment, she got him to eat her shit. She forced him to lick her asshole and she used him as her human toilet. She also took a piss on him and she watched as he drank it all. Then she let him go.

Mistress Alina caught this guy watching her while she took a shower. She was pissed but she pretended to be pleased with what he did. She teased him and she even invited him to take the shower with her. He blindly went without thinking twice. When he got into the shower with her, she turned him into her human toilet as punishment and made him eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Alina was not feeling well. She had a stomach ache and she traced it back to the food she had eaten. She did not like the food and she felt it tasted bad. But she had eaten it nonetheless and now she had a bad stomach ache. It was her slave who had prepared the food so she punished him for it by making him eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Alina loves shit for itself. She does not like it because she can shit on a slave. She had actually never shit on a slave before. She had always enjoyed the shit herself but today she wanted to try and shit on him. And that is what she did. She got a slave used him as her human toilet. She took him to the toilet and she shit on him.

Alina is not above letting her slave have a little fun from time to time and that's exactly what she's doing when she allows him to sniff her dirty asshole and pussy. She spreads her legs in shorts and lets him crawl over to inhale all of the wonderful aromas emanating from her unwashed holes. He shows his appreciation, but then it's right back to the work of being her own personal toilet and swallowing down all of her shit.

Alina hasn't been feeling very good all day and she can't wait to get home and unleash a torrent on diarrhea onto her hungry and waiting slave for him to eat. She pulls down her red panties and barely has time to squat over him before her tight little asshole explodes all over him, leaving jets of her sloppy shit all over his chest that she promptly scoops up with a spoon and feeds him.

Mistress Alina has a thing for shit. While other mistresses are attracted to shiny objects, she is attracted to shit and humiliating losers with her shit is always the best time there is for her. It is better than sex for her. She likes to torture different guys to maintain the thrill and today she made this guy eat her shit from her hands and he ate it as if he was eating cake.

Mistress Alina pondered over what to do to her slave and she came to a conclusion that she needed to humiliate and torture him. She made him eat her shit after taking a dump on his body. She used his tongue as her human toilet paper and then used a spoon to feed him the shit till he ate all of it. Then she went and took a shower as if nothing had happened.

Mistress Alina shit into a bucket and then fed it to her slave. She wanted to shit into his mouth directly but he had not yet arrived by the time she felt like shitting. So she shit into a bucket and saved it for him. She made him eat all of that shit and drink all the pee that was with it and he did it the way she had told him.

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