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Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

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Mistress Martina is at her happiest when she is eating shit. Today she forced this guy to eat her shit and he did what she wanted. She had lied to him that she loves men who can withstand pain and he withstood her painful tramples. She also lied to him that she had a fetish for shit and that if he ate her shit, she would be madly turned on.

Lady Bella has had to take a massive shit all day long but she knew that she would really be disappointing her slave if she wasted it all in a toilet bowl. Rather than give him something to whine about, she held it in all day long, letting it ferment and become even stinkier and slimier than it normally would have been. By the time she finally squats over him and lets it all go, it's the nastiest shit that she's ever taken.

Alina is not above letting her slave have a little fun from time to time and that's exactly what she's doing when she allows him to sniff her dirty asshole and pussy. She spreads her legs in shorts and lets him crawl over to inhale all of the wonderful aromas emanating from her unwashed holes. He shows his appreciation, but then it's right back to the work of being her own personal toilet and swallowing down all of her shit.

Mistress Anna has been looking forward to serving her slave a delicious meal all day long, but he may not be expecting it to be a meal she's already eaten. As soon as she walks into the bathroom she hands him a plate and squats right over it to let her soft, gooey shit flow out her asshole. She uses his worthless tongue to clean up her hole before shoving his mouth right down onto his food.

Goddess Amirha loves to shit on her slaves. She does so because she knows it is degrading and no one can fully get used to it. And to make sure the impact of it never dies, she does not use this method to punish her slaves all the time. She uses it sparingly and only when they had messed up big time like today when she realized he had drank her expensive wine.

This mistress found out her sister's boyfriend was cheating on her. Her sister did not know so she went and showed her the evidence. The two sisters called the boyfriend and they punished him for what he had done. They shit on him and forced him to chew and swallow their shit. He had no option as the two mistresses were not messing around. He was humiliated before getting dumped.

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