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Mistress Alina pondered over what to do to her slave and she came to a conclusion that she needed to humiliate and torture him. She made him eat her shit after taking a dump on his body. She used his tongue as her human toilet paper and then used a spoon to feed him the shit till he ate all of it. Then she went and took a shower as if nothing had happened.

This mistress does not play around. She means what she says and with her there are no second chances. Her slave did not know that about her so he did not take her seriously. When she told him to do something, he did not take it with the seriousness it deserved. She did not talk to him. Rather, she punished him using her shit and it send him a message he will never forget. She forced him to eat and swallow the shit.

Mistress Anna watched videos of scat fetish online and she made a point to try them. She went online and got a slave. She was eager to try all she had seen and she did it with such ease one would have been forgiven to think she was an experience scat queen. Her interest made her come across as a natural as she shit on the slave and made him swallow her shit.

This mistress discovered one of her employees was giving away her business and trade secrets. She was so pissed that she had to punish him in a way he had never been punished before. She summoned him and when he came, she used her shit to effect the punishment. She fed him her shit and she did it slowly for maximum effect. She made sure he was humiliated and degraded before she let him go.

This mistress had a good time with this guy and he expected him to honor his part of the deal to pay her the agreed some of money. But he reneged on his promise and she could have none of it. She turned on him and punished him by shitting on his face and making him eat her shit. She then took her money plus some more for all her troubles and left.

Mistress Anna likes to play with her shit. But today she wanted someone else to enjoy and experience her shit. She laid a trap which this guy took. She then took him home and she made him eat her shit as punishment. The guy was too scared to say or do anything and the mistress had a field day humiliating him and doing anything she wanted to him including whipping him and crushing him.

Goddess Amirha is not only sexy, but she is also kinky and naughty. This hot guy wanted to have some fun with her, and she wanted to test his level of kink. She decided to try him using her ass and her shit. She facesat on him before making him eat her shit. He had a sexy ass and the guy could not resist licking it and did not even mind eating her shit.

Mistress Annalise an her friend had fun licking each other as this loser watched. He got horny and tried to join them. He did not know that was a trap they had laid for him. He took it and they punished him for it. The mistresses punished him by making him eat their shit. The mistresses did not let him go till he had eaten and swallowed their shit and cleaned up the house.

Mistress Barbara wanted to find out how dedicated this slave was to her. She had done a lot of good to him and she wanted to test whether he was loyal to her. She used an improvised toilet to shit on him. She did not force him but asked him to eat her shit and the slave though surprised and clearly uncomfortable, agreed to do it. That was when she knew she could count on him.

This mistress wanted to send a strong message to her slave. She wanted to punish him once but make it one he would never forget. She took him to a torture chamber and called her friend to help her. They tied him up and trampled him him before they took turns to shit on his face and into his mouth. He could not do anything about it and had to eat the shit.

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