Sexy Girls Toilet

Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

Mistress Angelica likes things other people abhor. She loves shit. She loves to play with it and to humiliate others with it. While for others it is taboo, for her it is fun. She used her seductive prowess to make this guy look forward to being shit on. She loves to challenge herself to make guys eat her shit willingly and not through coercion like other mistresses do. She got this guy to eat her shit and have fun in the process.

These scat queens are plus size and do not like anyone making fun of their bodies. This loser did and he had to pay the price. The mistresses lured him to their house where he was taught a lesson he will never forget. The mistresses turned him into their human toilet and made him eat their shit. They took a dump on his face and into his mouth then sent him away.

Mistress Gaia is a cruel person. She loves to degrade and to torture people for the slightest of reasons. She accused this guy of looking at her in a weird way and for that, she humiliated him. She got him to eat her ass and made him jerk off as he admired her sexy ass. He had to eat shit and jerk off at the same time as she watched.

Mistress Jane and her friend wanted to teach this guy a lesson. He was a bully and he made people's lives miserable. He had to be stopped and they took it upon themselves to stop him. So they lured him to their house where they degraded him by shitting on him. They tortured him and gave him a taste of his own medicine. The guy never bullied anyone after that.

Mistress Janet loves to shit on guys. She never lacks a reason to humiliate and to torture. Today she accused her slave of being late when she sent him. She did not give him a chance to explain himself. She cruelly made him lie down and she used an improvised toilet seat to shit on him. She made sure he ate all of her shit before she let him go.

Mistress Adelina Frau loves to shit on slaves as punishment. She does not punish them in any other way. She enjoys how humiliating and degrading it is. She loves how they make sure they do not mess up so that they are not made to eat shit. When the slave messed up today, he did not need to be told he would eat poo. He prepared himself and when she took a shit on the floor, he ate it without being asked.

Mistress Naomi loves shit. She enjoys using it to punish her slave. Whenever he messes up, she just takes a shit on him and enjoys watching him eat it. Today she started by farting on him and then got him to lick her ass. She then took a shit on him once he had done all she asked him to do. The slave took solace in the fact that she has a great ass and he was able to lick, smell, and touch it.

Mistress Gaia rarely punishes her slave but when she does, it makes up for all the times she did not. She had had enough of her slave messing up and she had to punish him. She stripped him naked and tied him with his hands behind his back. She then took a piss into a bowl and she made him drink it. She also took a shit on the floor and he also ate it.

Mistress Christina was not going to let her slave get away with lying to her. She called her friend Lisa who had always wanted to try shit fetish. There was now an opportunity to try it on the slave and both mistresses took a shit on the floor and made the slave lick it and also eat it. He had no choice but to eat the shit and swallow it.

Mistress Roberta had a stomach problem and she found herself having diarrhea. She tried to trace the origin of her problem and she found out that it must have been what she ate. It was her slave who had prepared the food so she could not suffer alone. She chose to suffer together with him. She took a shit on his face and she got him to eat her shit.

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