Sexy Girls Toilet

Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

This mistress noticed that this guy was stalking her and she was not happy about it. She had to do something about it and she chose shit fetish to punish him with. She lured him to her house and he was over the moon. But his joy ended when she turned on him and turned him into her human toilet. She took a dump on his face and had him eat it.

Mistress Anna loves t use her shit to punish losers. She loves it because it is an effective method. There is no one who can get used to it and that is why she loves it. But she does not do it frequently. Today was one of those days she felt like doing it so she did it and she did it as cruelly as possible and made her slave lick her ass as well.

Goddess Martina is a sadistic mistress. She loves torturing and degrading other people. She does not care whether she is extreme or not. If she feels like doing something to a slave, she will make sure she does it. Today she forced this loser to eat her shit and the sad bit for him was that he had not done anything to her to deserve being made to eat her shit.

Mistress Annabelle and her friend had a bet. They played a game and it was fierce and competitive because whoever won it would do whatever she wanted on the other. Mistress Annabelle lost it and she had to endure being made to eat shit because that is what her friend chose to do to her. Mistress Annabelle was degraded but she had no choice since they had agreed on it.

Mistress Elena felt like shitting but the plumber had not finished fixing the toilet. She tried to wait for a few more hours but he had not finished still. He was working so slowly so she turned him into her human toilet and she shit on him. He had to eat her shit and drink her pee and she made sure he did all that. Then she let him go.

Mistress Emily was not about to forgive her slave for what he had done. She is an unforgiving mistress and she likes to leave it that way. She cruelly punished her slave by making him eat shit. She had him lick her asshole as well when he was done. She used him both as her human toilet as well as her toilet paper. And he had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Gaia did not like how this guy treated women. She had to punish her and she did it using her shit. She had lied to him that she was into him and he thought she would fuck him. But instead, she made him eat her shit and swallow it as she punished him for the way he treated women. She told him if he did not change, she would do worse things to him.

Mistress Milana loves wanted her slave to learn a lesson he would never forget. So she made him lick her ass and eat her shit. She did not care what he felt or how bad it was. She just forced him to open his mouth and she shit in it and made sure he ate the shit. He ate all of it and swallowed it and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Roberta had diarrhea and when she thought of it, she realized that it was her slave who had given her bad food. She could not let him get away with it. She had to make sure he paid for his mistakes and that he made sure nothing like that would ever happen again. So she forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee as punishment. He never did it again.

This mistress could not believe that her slave had done the things he had done. She had disrespected her in front of her friend and she could not let him get away with it. She used her shit to punish him. She made him drink her pee and eat her shit and her friend joined in and they both tortured him as badly as they could till he regretted what he had done.

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