Sexy Girls Toilet

Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

Mistress Alina loves to teach guys cruel lessons. If she is not going to do something extreme to someone, she will not do it. This guy pissed her off and as punishment, she got him to eat her shit. She forced him to lick her asshole and she used him as her human toilet. She also took a piss on him and she watched as he drank it all. Then she let him go.

Mistress Janet does not like anyone messing with her money. This guy did and he only had himself to blame when she shit on him as punishment. She forced him to eat her shit and then made him give her all her money. He was degraded but he could not blame anyone else other than himself. The guy learned his lesson the hard way and he never did it again.

Mistress Gaia was tired of asking her slave to change. She had to make him change once and for all. She did it through facesitting on him. She choked him as she did and then she took a shit on his face. She made sure he ate her shit and drank her pee before she let him go. She did not have to ask him again as he did what he was supposed to by himself.

Mistress Rosella and her friend mistress Mara are naughty and adventurous. They wanted to try a crazy threesome so they auditioned guys till they found the perfect one. They humiliated him by shitting on him and pissing on him. He was game and seemed to enjoy it. The mistresses made out with each other and had him lick their pussies after he had cleaned himself and they all had a great time with the threesome.

Lady Yuna took her slave to the bathroom. She did not like how he cleaned it and she wanted him to learn to do it better. She taught him how to do it. But after a few days, he did the same thing and she was pissed as she had shown him how to do it. She took a shit on him as a way to punish him and she also pissed on him. He never repeated the mistake.

Mistress Milana wanted this girl to stop messing with her man. She knew just telling her by word of mouth would not cut it. She had to do something crazy. Something that would get her attention and would shock her to the core. So she lured her and when she got her where she wanted her, she took a shit on her and she forced her to eat the shit.

Mistress Alexandra loves shit. She enjoys playing with it and she enjoys humiliating losers with it. Today she had to punish this guy for being an asshole. And there was no better way for her to humiliate and punish an asshole than to use her asshole to do it. She turned the guy into her human toilet and she shit into his mouth and even pissed into it. He swallowed.

Mistress Anita dangled her pussy on the face of this guy and he was excited. He opened his mouth so as to lick her pussy and he knew that if he licked it well, she would be horny and he would have the chance to fuck her brains out. But she had other ideas because as soon as he opened his mouth, she took a shit into his mouth and made him swallow it.

Mistress Gaia is not the kind of person who forgives easily. When she is pissed, she has to get even and that is what she did to this loser. She forced him to eat her shit and she also made him drink her pee. She had turned him into her human toilet and she did not care what he felt or how degraded he was. He had pissed her and she had to get even.

Mistress Adelina was not amused by what her slave had done. She was supposed to have gone to the office by then but he had delayed her. Before she left for the office, she punished him cruelly. She took a dump on his face and made sure he learned his lesson the hard way. She knew he would never fail to do what she needed him to do after that.

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