Sexy Girls Toilet

Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

Mistress Anna has been looking forward to serving her slave a delicious meal all day long, but he may not be expecting it to be a meal she's already eaten. As soon as she walks into the bathroom she hands him a plate and squats right over it to let her soft, gooey shit flow out her asshole. She uses his worthless tongue to clean up her hole before shoving his mouth right down onto his food.

Alina hasn't been feeling very good all day and she can't wait to get home and unleash a torrent on diarrhea onto her hungry and waiting slave for him to eat. She pulls down her red panties and barely has time to squat over him before her tight little asshole explodes all over him, leaving jets of her sloppy shit all over his chest that she promptly scoops up with a spoon and feeds him.

Lady Bella has her slave down on his back with his stupid face covered by a leather mask so she doesn't have to look at him. She promptly squats right over him and lets her bowels unleash all of the pent-up shit that she's saving for him all day long. he holds it all on his tongue and waits for her delicious piss to follow so he has something to wash it all down with.

Mistress Anna likes to send a message without saying a word. It is up to the slave to figure out what he had done and why he was being punished. Today she went to her slave's bedroom and found him in bed sleeping. She uncovered him and she shit on him without uttering a word. She got up and left after he had licked her asshole clean and left him wondering what he had done to deserve it.

Mistress Alina has a thing for shit. While other mistresses are attracted to shiny objects, she is attracted to shit and humiliating losers with her shit is always the best time there is for her. It is better than sex for her. She likes to torture different guys to maintain the thrill and today she made this guy eat her shit from her hands and he ate it as if he was eating cake.

Mistress Annalise likes to do nasty things every once in a while and today was one such day. She wanted her slave to eat shit and that is what she made sure he did. She got naked and he was surprised because she had never done it in front of him. She then went ahead to make him get naked as well as instead of having sex like he thought, she shit on him.

Mistress Anna started by humiliating her slave using her high heels. She made him suck the sharp part and when he was done, she turned him into her human toilet. She humiliated him and degraded him by having him eat her shit and drink her pee. The slave was horrified but he could do nothing about it and had to take his punishment as it was handed to him by the mistress.

Princess Nikki was mad at this guy for lying to her. She did not care whether the lie was intentional or not. Together with her friend, they had invested some money based on that lie and the returns were not as impressive and what they had been told. So they punished the guy for lying to them and they did it with their shit. They made him eat and swallow their shit.

Mistress Alina pondered over what to do to her slave and she came to a conclusion that she needed to humiliate and torture him. She made him eat her shit after taking a dump on his body. She used his tongue as her human toilet paper and then used a spoon to feed him the shit till he ate all of it. Then she went and took a shower as if nothing had happened.

Goddess Amirha loves to shit on her slaves. She does so because she knows it is degrading and no one can fully get used to it. And to make sure the impact of it never dies, she does not use this method to punish her slaves all the time. She uses it sparingly and only when they had messed up big time like today when she realized he had drank her expensive wine.

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