Sexy Girls Toilet

Sexy Girls on the Toilet! Pee and Scat!

Mistress Alina pondered over what to do to her slave and she came to a conclusion that she needed to humiliate and torture him. She made him eat her shit after taking a dump on his body. She used his tongue as her human toilet paper and then used a spoon to feed him the shit till he ate all of it. Then she went and took a shower as if nothing had happened.

Goddess Amirha loves to shit on her slaves. She does so because she knows it is degrading and no one can fully get used to it. And to make sure the impact of it never dies, she does not use this method to punish her slaves all the time. She uses it sparingly and only when they had messed up big time like today when she realized he had drank her expensive wine.

Mistress Anna wanted her clothes washed but when she went to the laundry room, she found there were no clothes. She punished her slave without even asking him why he had not cleaned her clothes. She did not want excuses so she shit into his mouth and she watched as he chewed it and swallowed it as she had commanded him to do. She then made him do the same with her pee.

Miss Jane wanted to have a great picnic with her slave but he did not bring all the things she had asked him to bring. When they arrived and she discovered he did not have everything, she was pissed and she punished him on the spot. She used her shit and her pee to do it and taught him a lesson she knew he would never forget as she ensured he ate and swallowed the shit and drank the pee.

These mistresses hunted down this loser and punished him for what he had done. They were mad at him for having snitched on them and they did not have mercy for snitches. Snitches were scum and had to be dealt with as such so they shit on this loser and they made sure he ate their shit and swallowed it. They also ensured he did the same to their pee.

Mistress Alina shit into a bucket and then fed it to her slave. She wanted to shit into his mouth directly but he had not yet arrived by the time she felt like shitting. So she shit into a bucket and saved it for him. She made him eat all of that shit and drink all the pee that was with it and he did it the way she had told him.

This girl was dying to join princess Nikki and her friend's group. She had to do it and she pestered them a lot. Fed up with her incessant pestering, they decided to test her by humiliating her. They shit on her and forced her to eat it and she ate it. They then made her do it to a slave and she excelled. They took her as part of their group.

This mistress does not play around. She means what she says and with her there are no second chances. Her slave did not know that about her so he did not take her seriously. When she told him to do something, he did not take it with the seriousness it deserved. She did not talk to him. Rather, she punished him using her shit and it send him a message he will never forget. She forced him to eat and swallow the shit.

This mistress found out her sister's boyfriend was cheating on her. Her sister did not know so she went and showed her the evidence. The two sisters called the boyfriend and they punished him for what he had done. They shit on him and forced him to chew and swallow their shit. He had no option as the two mistresses were not messing around. He was humiliated before getting dumped.

Mistress Anna watched videos of scat fetish online and she made a point to try them. She went online and got a slave. She was eager to try all she had seen and she did it with such ease one would have been forgiven to think she was an experience scat queen. Her interest made her come across as a natural as she shit on the slave and made him swallow her shit.

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